Talent Pipeline Management

What is Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)?

TPM is an end-to-end talent management approach that focuses on the employer as the "end customer" of a talent supply chain. This demand-driven, employer-led approach allows employers to more effectively communicate their most critical workforce needs and the skills required for success. This framework is gaining momentum because it is a structured approach to a process that is needed to improve communication between employers, educators, workforce, and training partners.

Food Processing

The Magic Valley is already designated as an “All Things Food” manufacturing hub. To maintain this growth, we’ll need a ready supply of talented employees. Join the Collaborative!                       

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The Talent Pipeline Management has already started as Healthcare Leaders are beginning to collaborate around the needs of the industry. See how we’ve started the process. Join the Collaborative!                 

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Top Benefits of TPM

  • Built on industry best practices
  • Authentically employer-led
  • Generates granular, actionalable data on employer demand
  • Provides a structured process for collective action and decision making
  • Engages the full spectrum of talent sourcing providers
  • Creates shared value, competitiveness, and accountability
  • Focused on employer ROI

Why now?

Governor Little and other Idaho leaders have created regional taskforces to better align education and workforce systems and create shared value for employers, workers, education and training providers, and students.

TPM provides a structured process for collective action and decision-making to make this happen. By creating regional focus groups like this one, employers can identify their needs and match them with education and training at a local level.