The workforce gap can be closed with employers and local training partners working together with clear communication to see real results.

Talent Pipeline

A "talent supply chain" will begin to form by including more employers in the process, and teaching and training for a refined set of skills to fit the employment landscape.

Continuous Improvement

As the Southern Idaho region grows, you want to make sure you have the necessary talent to sustain that growth.
food processing

How can your company get involved?

  •  Attend an Employer Collaborative Meeting to learn more
  •  Identify the positions, skills, competencies, and credentials most needed
  •  Communicate these needs to key workforce partners
  •  Pinpoint ways to evaluate success
  •  Report back on continuous improvement ideas

Job Statistics

  • Over 140 open positions
  • Over 250 more food processing jobs coming to the Magic Valley in 2022
  • 89% of employers have trouble finding qualified applicants