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Phase 1: Needs Assessment

Phase 2: Prioritize Needs

Phase 3: Develop Solutions

Phase 4: Refine and Improve

Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now?

Currently the Health Initiatives hosted at CSI focus on three specific area of health care.

EMS Talent Pipeline: is wrapping up with phase 1 of the process, as we have identified key areas of opportunity. Next month we will begin to prioritize that list and transition into Phase 2 where we work toward alignment in how we identify and define those opportunities.   

The Long-Term Care/Skilled Nursing Talent Pipeline: is preparing to do a re-start at phase 1 of the process, as we work to re-assess industry needs and work to prioritize the next initiative.  Next month the collaborative will re-convene to continue with our efforts as we move on to the next pipeline development project, while continuing to expand on the previous pathway program and adding the C-MAT program as part of the ongoing C.N.A. employee training and development project. 

Acute Care Pipeline: is in Phase 1 as we work on initial discovery and participation recruiting status. Presentations were made last fall to area hospital facilities to gauge interest. As a result of those presentations enough interest was expressed to move forward with this initiative.

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What We Have Learned

What We Have Learned

Analysis of regional market data information predicts continue growth across the board for the health care industry. This projected growth is already being seen facilities in the region feel pressure to expand in efforts to reach our rural communities and growing urban areas alike.   This data combined with what we are seeing on the ground confirms that collaborative actions need to be put into place now, in order to be able, meet the needs of our growing community population and to reach the valley’s underserved and rural populations

Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

Health Project Manager, Talent Pipeline Management | CSI Workforce Development and Training


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