Investing in your employees should be rewarding

The right employees with the right skills and motivation can have long-lasting effects on your culture, bottom line, and impact, but many companies lack the time and resources to train their employees effectively.

We get it.

Which is why we offer local, high quality, in-person training so you can move your company forward with a team who has the knowledge to help your business achieve it’s biggest goals. We ensure this happens by aligning our training objectives to your desired business outcomes by providing an informative training assessment.

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You already know this

Your team is your greatest asset. Whether you want to scale or continually improve your company, taking the time to invest in your employees isn’t just good for them - it’s good business sense.

Research shows investing in development for employees gives companies the following edge:

  • A competitive advantage.
  • Flexibility to pivot or add revenue streams.
  • Increased employee loyalty.
  • Decreased turnover.

Where's Your Gap?

We’ve helped everyone from sole proprietors to regional, national, and international companies with leadership and human resource training to technical skill training.

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CSI Workforce Development and Training

We know how important skilled employees are to growth, engagement, and culture which is why the College of Southern Idaho created Workforce Development and Training to not only provide trainings and apprenticeship opportunities for individuals to master new expertise but also for companies to utilize exceptional, local trainings for their employees.

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How Much is Your Company Losing Because of a Lack of Employee Training?

We see it all the time. Retention is costly but continually finding talent and onboarding them can be even more expensive – not to mention the effect it can have on your company culture.

Invest in your business by investing in hands-on, results-oriented trainings for your team.

Your bottom line will thank you.

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Our Promise to You


We have the highest standards of quality for our certifications and trainings to ensure our participants get the best training results without leaving the state.


Our connection to local companies gives us a finger on the pulse of our community so we can provide real-world trainings to use immediately.


We hire top professionals in their field so our participants receive the most cutting edge, hands-on training possible.