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The service industries are booming in our local economy and there aren’t enough licensed technicians to fill the demand. You could be a part of this critical career gap and not only fill a need but increase your income. Learn while you earn with our federal and state-licensed and certified apprenticeship programs.

Applied Technology and Apprenticeship (AAS)

Applied Technology and Apprenticeship (AAS)

This program is intended for apprentices and journeymen who are interested in completing the necessary course work to obtain an Applied Technology and Apprenticeship (AAS) degree. Individuals enrolled in qualifying apprentice programs and journeymen are eligible for this degree by completing at least 15 general education credit hours. For information regarding registration, contact Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Stefanie Hauff, at (208)732-6366 or Contact Us

On-The-Job Training

Imagine taking what you learn in the classroom and applying it to your current job immediately. Apprenticeship programs give you a chance to learn from your employer in a hands-on environment while completing the necessary classroom work before you take the licensing test.

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Building a Successful Career in the Trades

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an electrician, plumber, or heating ventilation and air (HVAC) technician? With over 20 years of experience in the trades, Billy Salts, owner of Magic Valley Electric and Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, will teach you what it takes to become a trained professional in these industries. With the increased demands of the industrial world and many looking for career changes, come find out how you can build a successful, recession-proof career that you will feel valued and appreciated in!

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Companies Hiring

Companies Hiring

Connecting Apprenticeship Students to Employers

Discover What's Possible
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Do you have what it takes?

The high demand for technically skilled experts makes this one of the best bang-for-your-buck programs around. Classroom training and work hours last four years for our state apprenticeship programs and two-years for our federally certified programs. Enjoy the job security and great benefits a career in one of these fields could give you!

Attention Employers!

We know how important quality talent is for your company’s success. We offer convenient class options so your employees can stay local while preparing to earn their journeyman’s license.

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Refund Policy

The following refund policy applies to Apprenticeship students who wish to drop or withdrawal from their course. When an Apprenticeship student drops the course by Sunday following the first week of class, they will receive a 100% refund. This is the last day to drop the course and receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued beyond this point.
Note: Application for withdrawal and refund must be submitted in writing to
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Our Promise To You


We have the highest standards of quality for our training to ensure our participants get the best training results without leaving the state.


Our connection to local businesses gives us a finger on the pulse of our community so we can provide real-world training to use immediately.


We hire top professionals in their field so our participants receive the most cutting edge, hands-on training possible.