About the Program

  • All schooling and work experience must have been obtained per State requirements.
    • Electrical Apprenticeship is a 4-year program;
    • The state requires a minimum of 144 classroom hours per year;
    • And, 2,000 hours of documented work experience per year.
    • A grade of 70% or higher with attendance is required to pass;
    • Completion must be documented each year with the State of Idaho Electrical Bureau before the journeyman exam can be taken.
  • We offer in-class, hybrid and online options, vary by location:
    • In-class: the classes are held in the evenings, three hours per night, and twice a week for a minimum of 24 weeks;
    • Hybrid: Course content is delivered online and in-class with lab access. Class attendance is required one evening per week.
    • Online: 100% of the course material is delivered over the Internet via an instructor led course. This does require a motivated individual to dedicate time and stay current with the materials.
  • Instruction includes: Basic trade mathematics; Fundamentals of electricity and power distribution; National electrical code requirements; Commercial, industrial, and residential wiring requirements, Control theory and other fundamentals.
  • Idaho has a reciprocal journeyman license agreement with the following states: Colorado / North Dakota / Maine / Oklahoma / Montana / Oregon / Nebraska / Texas / New Hampshire / Utah / New Mexico / Wyoming

Entrance Requirements

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Preferred: Work under the constant supervision of a licensed Electrical Journeyman or Master Electrician
  • Preferred: Apply for Apprentice Electrical License through State Electrical Bureau (208-332-7147), https://dbs.idaho.gov/

Tuition and Books

Tuition = $765 (books not included) applicable for 2018-19 academic year

Please call our office 208-732-6310 to inquire about the current book list.



Electrical Apprenticeship First Year students:

Registration opens November 13, 2018

Class begins January 14, 2019

Program schedule for the academic year 2019-20 will be available in May 2019


  • Twin Falls
  • Burley
  • Hailey

Electrician Journeyman

Electrician Journeyman can install and maintain multiple types of electrical systems found in homes, apartments, and facilities such as high rise condominiums, strip malls, schools, hospitals, waste water and manufacturing industries. This includes installing and or replace new lighting and lighting control systems, receptacles, motors and motor controlling equipment, heating equipment, and building automation systems that control the operation of all of a facility’s energy usage.

Electrical Apprentice

Any person who, for the purpose of learning the trade of journeyman electrician, engages in the installation of electric wiring or equipment while under the constant on the job supervision of a qualified journeyman electrician.