State Authorization NC-SARA Professional Licensure Disclosure Elecrical Apprenticeship

State Status Date Last Reviewed State Agency Link 
Alabama Undetermined 7/1/2020 Alabama Elecrtical Contractors Board
Alaska Undetermined 7/1/2020 Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Arizona Undetermined 7/1/2020 Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Arkansas Undetermined 7/1/2020 Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing
California Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractors State License Board
Colorado meets 7/1/2020 Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Electrical Board
Connecticut Undetermined 7/1/2020 Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
Delaware Undetermined 7/1/2020 Delaware Division of Professional Regulation
District of Columbia Undetermined 7/1/2020  
Florida Undetermined 7/1/2020 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
Georgia Undetermined 7/1/2020 Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board, Division of Electrical Contractors.
Hawaii Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Professional and Vocational Licensing, Board of Electricians and Plumbers
Idaho meets 7/1/2020 Idaho Division of Building Safety
Illinois Undetermined 7/1/2020 No state electrician license requirements
Indiana Undetermined 7/1/2020 no state electrician license requirements; requirements at the local level
Iowa Undetermined 7/1/2020 Iowa Licences and Permits
Kansas Undetermined 7/1/2020 no state electrician license requirements; requirements at the local level
Kentucky Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, Electrical Division
Louisiana Undetermined 7/1/2020 No state electrician license requirements
Maine meets 7/1/2020 Maine Professional & Financial Regulation
Maryland Undetermined   Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
Massachusetts Undetermined 7/1/2020 Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians
Michigan Undetermined 7/1/2020 Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Minnesota Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Labor and Industry
Mississippi Undetermined 7/1/2020 Mississippi State Board of Contractors
Missouri Undetermined 7/1/2020 no state electrician license requirements; requirements at the local level
Montana meets 7/1/2020 Montana Department of Labor and Industry, State Electrical Board.
Nebraska meets 7/1/2020 Nebraska Electrical Division
Nevada Undetermined 7/1/2020 Nevada State Contractors Board
New Hampshire meets 7/1/2020 Office of Professional Licensure and Certification, Electrician’s Board
New Jersey Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs, Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors
New Mexico meets 7/1/2020 New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
New York Undetermined 7/1/2020 no state electrician license requirements; requirements at the local level
North Carolina Undetermined 7/1/2020 State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors
North Dakota meets 7/1/2020 North Dakota State Electrical Board
Ohio Undetermined 7/1/2020 Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board
Oklahoma meets 7/1/2020 Oklahoma Construction Industries Board
Oregon meets 7/1/2020 Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division
Pennsylvania Undetermined 7/1/2020 no state electrician license requirements; requirements at the local level
Puerto Rico Undetermined 7/1/2020  
Rhode Island Undetermined 7/1/2020 Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, Division of Workforce Regulation and Safety, Professional Regulations Unit
South Carolina Undetermined 7/1/2020 South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Residential Builders Commission
South Dakota Undetermined 7/1/2020 South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, Electrical Commission
Tennessee Undetermined 7/1/2020 TN Department of Commerce and Insurance, Board for Licensing Contractors
Texas meets 7/1/2020 Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
Utah meets 7/1/2020 Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Vermont Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety
Virgin Islands Undetermined 7/1/2020  
Virginia Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Washington Undetermined 7/1/2020 Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
West Virginia Undetermined 7/1/2020 West Virginia Fire Commission
Wisconsin Undetermined 7/1/2020 Department of Safety and Professional Services.
Wyoming meets 7/1/2020 Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety

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