What Will I Learn?

  • Desktop vs. Website versions of Outlook
  • Navigation of Outlook features
  • Create and work with contacts, appointments, and task lists
  • Creation and formatting of emails and organization
  • Conditional formatting and color categories
  • Time management using calendar and task features
  • Create appointments/invites, meetings, and all-day events


Outlook is more than just email. It’s a personal information manager to streamline workloads and boost productivity. Microsoft Outlook helps users and businesses manage and prioritize communications, organize workloads, and coordinate schedules. Over three-quarters of jobs require digital skills like Outlook and email processing.

In Outlook Sessions 1-3, you will start by learning an overview of the all-inclusive Personal Information Management program and the differences between the desktop and website version along with how to navigate the 5 modules within it.  Then training will take you through increasing your efficiency by organizing emails and using rules to automatically sort incoming emails and understand how to make certain emails stand out along with organizational features. Moving to the last level, work alongside the instructor to discover how to create appointments, meetings, and all-day events. Invite others to your meetings and manage their invitation replies. Create tasks or to-do lists and keep track of projects and/or expenses. Enroll in the series and save!

Walk Away With:

  • Training notes including shortcuts and tips/tricks to increase productivity, to use during the course and on the job site
  • Certification of completion provided by CSI Workforce Development & Training

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anyone who wants to stay organized, improve interoffice communication, and increase productivity within the office.

Instructor Bio

Julia Rietdorf