beginning excel

Excel 101: 4 Session Series

In Excel 101 Sessions 1-4, you will learn how to create basic spreadsheets from scratch, enhance the look and readability of those spreadsheets, and practice the most common and useful formulas and functions. Then this training will teach you how to visually present your data using charts, sparklines, and conditional formatting. Moving to the next level, work alongside the instructor to discover how to manipulate and quickly analyze data by discovering the subtotal command and creating structured tables.

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Excel 101: Separate Courses

Excel 101 - Session 1: Create and Format a Spreadsheet

Work along with an instructor to explore how to use the Excel application.  Design and create a spreadsheet and then enhance it with text and number formatting techniques.

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Excel 101 - Session 2: Top 12 Functions

Excel is a program that will happily “do math” for you! In this course you will learn how to summarize data in Excel using the most common and useful formulas and functions.

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Excel 101 - Session 3: Charting & Conditional Formatting

Make your data easier to understand by displaying your data graphically. Create the 3 most common charts in Excel – the Pie, Column, and Line Charts.  And learn about Sparklines, a new mini-chart that will show data trends.

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Excel 101 - Session 4: Beginning Data Analysis

This course will improve your ability to manipulate data and quickly extract the data and answers you need from your dataset.  Start by working alongside the instructor to discover the Sort and Subtotal commands to help you easily summarize your data.

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advanced excel

Advanced Excel Series - Sessions 1-3

Look beyond Excel 101 and stand out from the crowd by learning more advanced data analytical skills through this Excel course. In Advanced Excel Sessions 1/3, you will work alongside an instructor to sharpen your Excel skills by learning more advanced Excel techniques.

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Advanced Excel: Separate Courses

Advanced Excel - Session 1 Advanced Functions

Learn the more complex functions in Excel to help you increase your productivity, efficiency, and data analysis skills. Working alongside your instructor you will learn to use logical functions such as IF, IFS, SUMIF.

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Advanced Excel - Session 2 Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Have you heard of a Pivot Table, but are not sure how to create one? If so, work along with the instructor in this course and create and use a Pivot Table, one of Excel's most powerful data summary features. 

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Advanced Excel - Session 3 Quick Analysis and What-If Data Analysis Tools

Learn to quickly create summaries and charts using Excel's Quick Analysis tools. Then explore the powerful data analysis commands under the What-If tool. 

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