The Healthcare Industry is Booming

The Healthcare Industry is Booming

If you're looking for a change in your career or want to advance from your current role in healthcare, our Advanced CNA to Patient Care, Mental Health, or Restorative Therapy Technician Apprenticeship may be for you.

Earn a career salary while you learn important healthcare skills (without needing to be proficient in advanced math or science). These apprenticeships are for people who want to help patients in a meaningful way and advance in a healthcare career at their own pace.

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Healthcare Pathway

Nurse Aids - No Healthcare Experience? No problem! Work with our apprenticeship team to get connected to an employer and begin your journey as a Healthcare apprentice.

Step 1. Certified Nurse Aid

Shortly after you are employed you will start a 10-week Certified Nurse Aid Program where you will earn a state certification.

Step 2. Advanced C.N.A

After joining the state registry you can enroll in the 5-week online and advance C.N.A program. Here you will take a deeper dive into the human body, gain confidence in communicating as part of the patient care team.

Step 3. Specialty Program

Now you are ready to complete any of the three capstone classes: Mental Health Technician OR Restorative Aid OR Patient Care Technician

Advanced C.N.A

Advanced C.N.A

Certified Nursing Assistants are a critical part of the health care system. Often found in hospital and long-term care settings, they are the front line observers of patient health. This is a 48-hour online course is designed to take current C.N.A knowledge to the next level and prepare you for Mental Health Technician, Patient Care Technician, and Restorative Therapy Technician training. Learn More
Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician

Assist patients in several aspects of care including mental health, basic phlebotomy, and cardiology EKG under the direction of a licensed practitioner or nurse.

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Mental Health Technician

Mental Health Technician

Mental Health Technicians assist patients who suffer from a variety mental impairments like dementia. They work under the direction of a licence provider or nurse in a variety of health care settings. Learn more
Restorative Health Technician

Restorative Health Technician

Work with patients who suffer from mobility or discomfort issues as they transition through the recovery or aging process.


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These Apprenticeships are For People Who...

  • want to advance in their current healthcare career.
  • are considering healthcare as a career but aren't sure where to start.
  • have worked as a CNA and would like to grow their skill set.
  • want to go on to medical school after directly learning how to care for patients.
  • want to earn an income while they practice their skills.
  • want to work in a dynamic environment that impacts peoples lives.
If this sounds like you, schedule a call with us today. 
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Here's How it Works

This pathway allows you to earn while you learn on the job. CNA jobs are in high demand and allow you to care and impact people's lives every day while you complete your apprenticeship training.

1. Talk to Us

We're here to help! Learn about our different healthcare career opportunities and pathways.

2. Apply for the CNA Program

The first step to a great career in healthcare is to become a certified nursing assistant. Apply to become a CNA and start earning while you learn.

3. Help People

Once you start your CNA training and earn your license, you can start a one to two year apprenticeship program to become certified in patient care, mental health, or restorative therapy.