What Will I Learn?

  • Theory and techniques to properly set up and use welding equipment safely.
  • Weld utilizing fusion and filler rod addition on common joints found in the industry.
  • Weld in all positions on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Weld common joints in all positions using solid and flux-cored wires on various material types.
  • Develop the skills needed to fit and fabricate parts.
  • Welding theory for a deeper understanding of the welding process and troubleshooting.
  • Basic principles of metallurgy associated with the GTA welding processes.


Welding plays an integral role in keeping people safe and advancing our quality of life.  With experts predicting a worldwide shortage of capable welders in the next few years this means the opportunities are endless. Grow your current skillset through this 30-hour training that focuses on Stick (SMAW) and MIG/wire feed (GMAW) welding.

This course is designed as an intermediate course to GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW. Students will learn welding theory while getting applied training of welds in various positions on various materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Students will focus on production welding with the end goal of workplace readiness.

Walk Away With:

  • Training that will include a hands-on demonstration of proper welding processes
  • Certification of completion provided by CSI Workforce Development & Training

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for any individuals who have always wanted to learn to weld, are looking to learn a different type of weld or are looking to increase their skills and abilities for workforce purposes.

Instructor Bio

Scott Price brings a unique talent and skill set to the Workforce Development & Training team. Scott is a graduate of Wyo-Tech and received his degrees in training on automotive, street rod and chassis fabrication. He is licensed as an ASE Certified Technician with 3 years of experience as a technician with Chevrolet. Scott has had 8 years of experience as a service advisor, 18 months as an auto body shop manager, and two years of experience as a service manager. Scott grew up in Union City, California and has a love for bikes and cars and it is his passion. He has been in Twin Fall, Idaho for 13 years and enjoys outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and all things water sports.