What Will I Learn?

  • Data Manipulation.
  • Subtotal command.
  • Structured Table creation.
  • Structured Formula References, Autofill Formulas, Quick Summation using the Total Row, Sort and Filter Capabilities, and Enhanced Formatting.


Over 75% of jobs require digital skills such as Excel and word-processing. Your ability to create spreadsheets, utilize basic formulas and work with datasets could advance your career or help you land your next job.

In Excel- Session 4: Get Results from Data, you will improve your ability to manipulate data and quickly extract the information and answers you need from your dataset. The Subtotal command will help you easily summarize your data. You will also learn to create a Structured Table that provides 5 great benefits for data analysis: 1. Structured Formula References, 2. Autofill Formulas, 3. Quick Summation using the Total Row, 4. Sort and Filter Capabilities, and 5. Enhanced Formatting.

Walk Away With:

  • Training notes including shortcuts and tips/tricks to increase productivity, to use during the course and on the job site.
  • Certification of Completion provided by CSI Workforce Development and Training.

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anyone who wants to be an Excel user, unleash the true potential of this application and efficiently automate your business processes.

Instructor Bio

Julia Rietdorf