What Will I Learn?

  • Peak performance tools to help their brains operate at their best
  • To understand the value of short brain breaks
  • How to leverage unfocused time
  • How to structure work assignments for best results


COVID has greatly impacted our workforce from keeping some people out of work due illness to helping others make the decision to leave their positions.  Workplace personnel shortages are causing organizations to try to keep the same level of operations but with less team members.  Through this workshop, participants will explore ways to optimize brain processing so employees can be more productive in less time and with less stress.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in learning to increase productivity and increase their expertise and confidence in the work they do.

Instructor Bio

Carol Barkes is a neuroscience-based conflict resolution and communication thought leader, professor at Boise State University and best-selling author. Her passion is working with people to develop better understanding and empathy for others so we can live more harmoniously despite our differences. She directs the mediation program for Idaho’s 4th District Court, teaches the first neuroscience courses offered at Boise State University and runs a busy private practice, both mediating and consulting.

Carol co-authored her best-selling book, Success Breakthroughs, with Jack Canfield, who is best known for writing Chicken Soup for the Soul. She was honored to speak at the United Nations in 2018 and currently works on a Rotary-driven, statewide conflict resolution program for Idaho schools to help reduce suicide, bullying and gun crimes by helping students rethink conflict before it begins.