What Will I Learn?

  • Learn a repeatable, proven method for increasing success in leading change initiatives
  • Examine the steps for driving behavioral change in your organization
  • Move past the survival mindset; discover techniques for innovative workforce engagement
  • Develop greater resilience in your team and yourself
  • Acquire actionable tactics and strategies to overcome resistance


Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. Today’s turbulent business environment demands that companies work to implement fast innovations. This course will address needed management tools to ensure company wide support. Creating a culture of innovation will be critical in all industries moving forward. This class will examine the critical process necessary to change the work environment to foster innovative behavior. 

Walk Away With

  • Tools to develop greater resilience
  • The skills to become more efficient in your innovative leadership
  • The ability to drive behavioral change
  • A Certificate of Completion from the College of Southern Idaho

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who manages employees, from front-line supervisors to middle managers to senior directors. Change is an every day necessity and now more than ever knowing how to lead through change is critical to success.

Instructor Bio

Cortney Campbell

Cortney Campbell is a local social entrepreneur with a love for Small Business and Marketing! Currently a Graduate Student at Idaho State University completing a Master of Business Administration, she teaches and consults in her free time. Considered an expert in Specialty Retail and brand promotion, she's created many successful products and been featured in industry publications with accolades. If you have a unique business or product proposition, she will relish in sharing experiences and advice with enthusiasm.