What Will I Learn?

  • How to better engage, develop, and motivate team members
  • Recognizing, diagnosing, and transforming dysfunctional teams
  • Develop more effective strategies for resolving workplace conflicts
  • Establish a work culture that brings out the best in others


High-Performance work teams are groups of highly motivated and talented professionals working together towards common business goals. They are characterized by clearly defined roles and a strong sense of purpose. Key topics will include communication, team dynamics, motivation, conflict management, and development of a healthy organizational culture. These “people skills” are amongst the most challenging competencies for both experienced and novice leaders. This course will challenge you to understand your followers on a deeper level, as well as help you to reflect and improve on your own leadership practice.

Walk Away With

  • The ability to understand primary types of team organizations established to achieve specific work goals
  • An understanding of the causes of team dysfunction
  • Techniques for bringing teams closer as a high-performance work team
  • A Certificate of Completion from the College of Southern Idaho

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in learning to develop, motivate, and engage their teams on the worksite.

Instructor Bio

Cortney Campbell

Cortney Campbell is a local social entrepreneur with a love for Small Business and Marketing! Currently a Graduate Student at Idaho State University completing a Master of Business Administration, she teaches and consults in her free time. Considered an expert in Specialty Retail and brand promotion, she's created many successful products and been featured in industry publications with accolades. If you have a unique business or product proposition, she will relish in sharing experiences and advice with enthusiasm.