What Will I Learn?

How to make the shift from fellow employee to supervisor/team lead/manager within an organization. Specifically you will learn: 

  • To identify your own perceptual lens and unpack how it affects your leadership
  • Keys to building effective workplace relationships
  • The principles needed to build mutual trust with team members
  • How to gain buy in and create win-win outcomes
  • How to run an efficient meeting
  • How to persuade decision makers to take your side


Shift your mindset as a manager and leader. Designed for someone who has been promoted from within, this course will equip new leaders at the foundational level with the tools to supervise former fellow employees. Making the transition to a supervisory role isn’t always easy. Very few people understand how to effectively shift from working alongside others to acting as their new boss. This course is designed to provide a clear path for new leaders so that they can avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that often characterize this transition. In this half-day course, we will spend the morning unpacking some of the mindset obstacles that keep new leaders from seamlessly assuming their roles and provide some practical practices that can help. Our afternoon will be spent covering some of the specific skills needed in their new roles that they haven’t necessarily gained through job experience. For example, how to effectively lead a meeting and how to present information to decision makers in a way that is persuasive and effective in bringing about necessary change.

Who Should Attend?

  • Employees who are new to supervisory roles
  • Employees who are new team leaders
  • Employees who are transitioning from a lower level role to one of mid-manager or team lead
  • New supervisors, team leaders, or mid-managers who need support transitioning into their roles
  • Employees who are hoping to transition up and want to insure they have the skills to advance

Instructor Bio

Julie Underwood

Julie Underwood is the Founder/Owner of Focus For Leaders. She has a passion for leadership training, coaching, and public speaking. She is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Her over 20 years as an educator have equipped her with engaging communication skills that allow her to inspire audiences with motivational content. Julie knows how to make learning fun while teaching content that “sticks.”


When she isn’t working, Julie enjoys hiking in the South Hills and remodeling her 100-year-old adobe home in Patagonia, Arizona. She and her husband of 32-years consider themselves “construction junkies” who always have a project. When the adobe remodel is complete, they hope to split their days between Idaho and Arizona.