What Will I Learn?

  • How to use Effective Appreciation Language in the Workplace (Gary Chapman)
  • Revealing the 3 Virtues of Essential team players (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Identifying the Ideal Team Player’s for your organization
  • Being aware of dysfunctions of teams


How to help your team thrive and not just survive. Did you know, the number one factor in job satisfaction surveys is not the amount of money an employee makes, but whether they feel appreciated and valued. Therefore, this class is designed to help you understanding team dynamics by putting the right team players in the right seats on the bus. You will learn how to work effectively with others, by changing your communication from obligation to genuine appreciation.

 Listen + Identify + Appreciate = Results and ultimately Company Growth.

Walk Away With

  • A better understanding of the teams you work with
  • Expect team results and company growth
  • The ability to identify Ideal Team Players and how to keep them around
  • How to strengthen relationships in the Workplace with the MBA inventory assessment tool

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Instructor Bio

Mike Porter
Mike Porter, is the President of “Watching Miracles Happen,” a non-profit organization focusing on enriching lives and families through cooperative communication. Mike has been a Military Chaplain for 12 years. He’s been instrumental in the development of several military focused programs such as; behavior health, physical health, wellness, building resiliency and suicide intervention classes. He is certified through the military in teaching “7 Habits,” “4 Lenses,” "PREP for Families and Spouses,” “5 Love Languages,” and “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.” As a lead facilitator and trainer of hundreds of people, Mike brings a unique perspective on leading others to solution focused outcomes in their professional, personal and home life.