Your Career Starts Here

Jump-start a career as a machine operator in food processing and manufacturing during your last two years of high school! 

Whether you want to go on to college or start a career right away, this apprenticeship allows students to earn and learn critical machine operator skills in a safe setting with local companies. 

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Learn Important On-The-Job Skills, Earn Great Money, and Advance in a Career Right After High School

Earn While You Learn: Apprenticeships are paid positions that allow for increases in pay as the student continues their education and develops greater skills. Students will work the summer between their Junior and Senior year as well as over school breaks.

Nationally Recognized Certification: All apprentices earn a nationally recognized credential upon program completion. Your career can start here in Idaho but take you wherever you want to go.

Gain Experience and Extensive Training: One year of classroom training prepares students before they start their on-the-job training which includes direct supervision and mentoring. Students get constant supervision to ensure safety and competency.

High School Success: High school completion is a necessary component of the program. Relevant education and critical on-the-job training create the right combination to put students on track to a promising career.

Jump-Start Your Career and Earning Potential

Qualifications to enter the program include: ● being on track for graduation ● in good standing with JHS attendance policy ●  a minimum GPA of 2.0. Only 14 students will be selected.

1. Talk to Us

Contact us with questions or to let us know you want to apply by contacting Stefanie Hauff at or 208-732-6366.

2. Apply and Register

Apply for Advanced Opportunity funding with your school counselor or through our office and register for the program.

3. Earn While You Learn

Gain personal and professional growth, receive real-life job skills and on-the-job training and advance quickly and easily in a well-paid career.

Hear What Others Have To Say

My son had a real job at a real place, getting real income, which helped his confidence. This gives students lots of different options. Regardless of what your student wants to do - whether its to save money for college or earn a great income and start their career right after high school, this program is amazing.

-Nicole Crider, Mother of STRAP graduates

Machine Operator Apprenticeship Employer Partners

Idaho Milk Products
Commercial Creamery

Food Processing and Manufacturing are Among the Fastest Growing Industries in Idaho

This apprenticeship could be a good fit for you if... 

  • you like to work with your hands
  • you are responsible and reliable 
  • you want to work in an innovative environment
  • you enjoy being around people
  • you're interested in preparing for further education or a career in a technical industry position
  • you want to advance in a great career quickly
Support and transcript


For support regarding this video's content, contact Workforce Development & Training.

(208) 732-6310
ATTIC Building, Twin Falls Campus


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Why become an apprentice?

STRAP enables high-school students to gain the necessary skills for high-demand jobs while earning a paycheck in a safe, secure environment. Students will work during the summers and on school breaks to accomplish their 2,000 on-the-job training hours. Apprentices' wages increase as they gain more skills and education. After this program, students will have the opportunity to take on a permanent industry position with our local company partners.

How much does it cost?

Apprentices receive education and training both inside and outside the workplace. The cost of the program is $350 a semester, but students can apply for advanced opportunity funding which will cover their portion 100%. It's easy to apply for funding! Connect with your school counselor or contact us for assistance.

What does the program entail?

This two-year program, starts Fall of 2022 and entails:

  • Classroom training follows the school year and covers safety management, food safety and security, maintenance, mechanical technique and tools, electricity and instrumentation, environmental safety, continuous improvement, employability skills (communication, critical thinking, etc.)
  • 2,000 hours of on-the-job training with a local food processing company. These hours are paid and can be completed during the summer or over school breaks.
  • Upon completion of the second year of classroom training, students will work full-time to complete their 2,000 hours of on-the-job training to complete their apprenticeship. Students will have the option to stay on with their company.
  • Each student will have an expert mentor to guide them during on-the-job training.
  • Students will leave the program confident, ready to apply for full-time positions, and with a nationally recognized certification.
Who should apply?

This program is best for students who:

  • are driven and ready to commit to a two year program
  • are willing to try new things
  • are interested in earning a well-paid wage in preparation for further education or a career in technical industry positions
  • are curious, motivated, and willing to commit to training outside of school hours
Is it safe?
Yes! The safety of our students is our number one concern. Before a student ever sets foot on the job floor, they are trained in safety and OSHA requirements. Each student is assigned a mentor to assist them during their 2,000 work hours. This is a safe, clean, and empowering program for teens.
How much can a student expect to earn?

Students will be paid for their 2,000 on-the-job training hours. Companies often start their apprentices at $12 - $15 an hour with the opportunity to increase their wages quickly. Students who have previously gone through the program have earned enough money to purchase vehicles, save for their first few years of college, or have moved into well-paid, permanent, with benefits positions with industry companies.

How do I register?

Contact Stefanie Hauff at or 208-732-6366.

Download the Apprenticeship Student/Parent Expectation Checklist