Free Training Opportunities

Thank you to our sponsors, these classes are offered FREE to our community. In order to protect our community, SafetyFest will be taking place in a completely virtual environment this year.

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Getting Started

  1. Register for the event
    • Change the quantity to ‘1’
    • Click ‘Register’
    • Complete the registration form
      Note: There needs to be a registration form filled out for each person attending. 
  2. Click ‘Download the App
    • Choose which app you need for your device(s): App Store, Google Play, or click Desktop/Laptop
  3. Create an account in the Whova App using the same email you used to register for this event.
    • Explore the Whova platform.
    • Complete Your Attendee Profile
    • Visit Exhibitor Booths
    • Network with Other Attendees
      Note: For more instructions, check out the Whova Attendee "How-To" Guide.
  4. February 10th | Class Sign-ups Begin | There is limited seating, so spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Download the Whova Mobile App
      • Adding classes to "your agenda" has to be done through the mobile app. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we all navigate this virtual platform.
    • Sign in to the mobile app
    • Go to the Agenda
    • Find the class you are interested in and click ‘Add to my agenda
  5. Access the Event
    • You can attend your classes using whichever device you prefer: mobile or desktop.

Note: Each person attending a training needs to have their own Whova account in order to have their own class agenda.

Employers registering multiple people... You can create a Whova account for each of your employees. You will need to have their email address and create a username and password for each of them. Make sure to write their credentials down, so they can access the event in March.

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Course Idea?

We're always interested in bringing new, in-demand content to Safety & Business Fest. Do you have a class idea?

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Full Class and No Shows

If you did not get into all the classes you wanted, please revisit the availability later as someone may have "dropped" the class. PLEASE don’t be a “No Show”. If you register, we ask that you are committed to attending as your seat could have been filled by another willing attendee. Please respect that all our instructors volunteer their time and material to teach at Safety Fest.

Whova Guides

This event will be completely virtual. Check out these guides to get familiar with the platform, Whova.