According to OSHA regulations, a Qualified Rigger must be used for hoisting activity for assembly and disassembly work. In addition, they must be used anytime workers are within the fall zone and hooking, unhooking, guiding a load, or completing the initial connection of a load to a component or structure. This training will prepare you to understand the knowledge needed to rig and signal safely on the job site.

This training meets Fed OSHA 1926.1400 & Fed OSHA 1910.184 – 1926.251 and will include practical demonstrations of tag-lines, crane signals, and rigging applications. Students learn competent person knowledge of basic rigging equipment used on cranes, inspection of rigging equipment, load-angle lift calculations, and how to signal a crane properly with hand and voice commands.

Exit exam passing grade required for all student candidates.

Walk Away With

  • Training workbook, with extensive notes, to use during the course and on the job site
  • Certification of Completion provided by CSI Workforce Development and Training
  • Qualified Rigger & Signal Person Industry Certification (valid for 5 years anywhere in the United States)


Average Wages: $53,297

Demand Level: Low

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for those individuals who are performing hoisting activities for assembly and disassembly work or those who are responsible for managing and overseeing employees hoisting, guiding, connecting, and unhooking.

What Will I Learn?

  • Load Safety / Hand Signals
  • Wire Rope / Chain Inspections
  • Rigging Hardware Inspections
  • Sling Angles and Hitches
  • New Power Line Clearance Regulations
  • Voice Communications

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