What Will I Learn?

  • Ozone depletion
  • Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol
  • Section 608 regulations
  • Substitute refrigerants and oils
  • Refrigeration
  • Recovery techniques
  • Much more


Acquiring an EPA certification should be high on your list of priorities, but a high-level understanding of refrigerants and their applications is just as important. Improper identification and use of refrigerants can damage or destroy HVAC equipment, cause serious environmental damage, and even lead to personal injury or death.

If you want to be able to handle refrigerants, you need to have a certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Attend our hands-on training that will help keep you and the environment safe while preparing for your EPA Certification that will last you a lifetime.

Who Should Attend?

It is recommended that anyone who maintains, services, repairs or disposes of appliances that contain regulated substances be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques.

Walk Away With

  • Training that will include a hands-on demonstration
  • Training workbook, with extensive notes, to use during the course and on the job site
  • Certification of Completion provided by College of Southern Idaho
  • EPA 608 Industry Certification (valid for life anywhere in the United States)

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Instructor Bio

Mike LaPray

Mike LaPray started working with the HVAC/R Trade as a Boiler Operator in the US Navy. While participating in the CSI Fisheries Program he worked his way back into the trades through the maintenance shop at one of the local Magic Valley companies. While in maintenance, Mike went back to college to earn his certification in the HVAC/R trade and tested with IDAHO DBS for his journeyman license. Once licensed Mike worked for Hussmann and Source Refrigeration as a service technician and moved into teaching the very program he had taken. Mike’s passion is working in the trade and helping others see the opportunities available. Mike’s motto is “Your effort is more valuable than your I.Q.”