What Will I Learn?

How to increase workplace productivity by utilizing the philosophy and tools of the Full Focus Planner.

  • Principles for setting daily priorities that drive your win
  • How to set boundaries on your work that allow you to achieve more in less time
  • How integrating your personal priorities creates greater job satisfaction
  • How to set goals that you are MOTIVATED to accomplish


You like many others may have days chocked full of tasks and this at times can spill over to requiring you to work longer and harder. You may be running at a full sprint, but still feel like you are behind. That can be a recipe for exhaustion and burnout.

Do you often feel that if you could just work more hours you could get caught up? Is your day dominated by unexpected demands that divert your attention from your priorities? Does your life feel out of balance – some days even out of control?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be experiencing overwhelm. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way to have the “double win” – winning at work AND succeeding at life. Let Julie Underwood teach you how. 

In this session you will learn that doing more is not the answer. Focusing on what matters is the solution. With a few powerful tweaks to how you work, you can unlock the power of prioritization to dramatically increase your daily productivity. As a Full Focus Certified Planner Pro, Julie Underwood can teach you how to bring your life into balance using basic planning techniques that have made the “double win” possible for thousands of professionals just like you.

“One part planner and one part life coach, this little book guides you in identifying your annual goals, setting weekly priorities, and transforming them into manageable daily tasks. Whatever you set out to do this year, the Full Focus Planner can help you achieve it.” 

Walk Away With

  • A clear plan for prioritizing quarterly, weekly, and daily tasks
  • Tools and techniques to maximize your personal and professional productivity
  • Skills and information needed to begin training your team for optimal productivity and KPI achievement
  • A Full Focus Planner ($50 value)
  • Certification of Completion provided by College of Southern Idaho

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals seeking to increase productivity, enhance goal achievement, and achieve a more satisfying work/life balance
  • Team Leaders seeking to increase productivity practices & goal achievement
  • Managers and business owners seeking new methods to build productivity & collaboration skills among employees

Hear What Others Had to Say

I am an agency co-founder, consultant, serial entrepreneur, and mother of a severely disabled child. By far, the largest challenge I have consistently faced is energy and time management, sacrificing in unsustainable ways for success. The Full Focus Planner has literally changed my life. Yes, really. I am a strategist and need to quantify everything. In the past 21 days, I have doubled my productivity (in a meaningful, results-driven way), been able to limit my once 12–16 hour workdays to a solid eight hours (finally hopeful I can achieve true work-life integration), and revenue projections are finally moving beyond 25 percent quarter on quarter. We are implementing the Planner for our team, and I've purchased one for every member of my immediate family. Give one quarter, put in the hour or so it takes to set it up, and give it a quarter. You will not regret it.

— Maria J.

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Instructor Bio

Julie Underwood

Julie Underwood founded Focus For Leaders to help new to mid-career employees set and achieve personal and professional goals to optimize their leadership trajectory over the course of their careers. As a Full Focus Certified Planner Pro and a success coach and trainer, Julie understands the challenges faced by professionals at various stages of their careers and garners her expert productivity and communication skills to enrich others. With over 20 years of instructional experience, Julie has honed her presentation skills to perfection, delivering inspiring and motivational content that sticks with audiences long after they have left the room. Her teaching style is both engaging and fun, making learning an enjoyable experience that participants love.

When she isn’t working, Julie enjoys hiking in the South Hills and remodeling her 100-year-old adobe home in Patagonia, Arizona. She and her husband of 32-years consider themselves “construction junkies” who always have a project. When the adobe remodel is complete, they hope to split their days between Idaho and Arizona.