What Will I Learn?

  • How to harness the way you approach thinking so you can be more effective with less effort
  • How to leverage creativity to improve organizational processes and generate new ideas
  • To understand how one’s brain processes information


Being a leader isn’t just about what you do, it is equally about who you are on the inside.  Understanding how your brain impacts your leadership abilities can make the difference between an average leader and a legacy leading leader. Through this course, Carol and David will guide you through the latest research and share tools to better understand how to be a more effective leader using a brain-based approach.

Walk Away With

  • Lower stress, increased resilience and confidence and better focus on goal achievement
  • Ability to create and motivate better engaged teams
  • Understanding of brain agility to gain advantage
  • Ability to improve your relational skills and lead with more empathy

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Instructor Bio

Carol Barkes

Fox TV has called Carol Barkes “one of the TOP Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution experts in the country.” and she has also been TWICE honored as Idaho Woman of the Year. She is a neuroscience-based conflict and communication specialist, best-selling author, mediator, and consultant with a wide variety of experience including speaking at the United Nations.  Carol is an ADR Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA.  She is also an Adjunct Professor for UofI and BSU and is a sought-after keynote speaker with a thriving private practice through which she provides training, consultation, facilitation, coaching, and mediation for some of the world’s most notable organizations including Amazon, Idaho Power, Bridon USA, Rite Stuff Foods and Kount. In careers gone by, she was also a professional firefighter in the San Francisco Bay Area.