What Will I Learn?

  • A foundation for digital marketing
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different social media platforms and how to best utilize them
  • How to create valuable & relevant social media content with your cell phone & free software tools
  • The theory behind basic photography & videography
  • How to maintain a cohesive brand identity that speaks to customers
  • How to effectively promote your content
  • Measuring & analyzing your content


How does your content marketing elevate your brand? During the four sessions, this course will give you a better understanding of the importance of having a strong social media presence and how to create relevant and engaging content for your platforms. We will dive into the theory behind basic photography and videography concepts as well as the software used to bring this content together. After completion of this course you will have a better understanding of what approach your business needs to take in the digital world in order to continue to build and market your brand.

Walk Away With

  • An understanding of how digital marketing can build your brand and customer base
  • The confidence to produce social media content that captures your brand on a consistent basis
  • The tools needed to become a more strategic content marketer

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to create low budget, high value marketing content to elevate their company or build their brand. 

** REQUIREMENTS: Please bring your laptop and a 2018 or newer cell phone.

Instructor Bio

Sean Muldoon Image

Sean is the founder and lead content developer at Forever Wild Media, a content development company specializing in lifestyle photography and videography.  He started a project called "The Black and White Project" years ago. In the beginning, it was an excuse to carry his camera with him on long trips into the Alpine in an attempt to document what he experienced along the way but what has come from it he couldn’t have ever dreamed of. Without even meaning to, his decision to start a portraiture project turned into him finding my passion.  He left his career as a research scientist in pursuit to tell stories in a genuine approach. At Forever Wild Media, he lives each day igniting the fire, chasing the itch and staying forever wild. Check out his company at https://www.foreverwild.media/