What Will I Learn?

  • How to develop, obtain buy-in and respect for each team member’s role within the organization regardless of whether they are the coach, star player or equipment manager
  • How to create a team of players rather than fans
  • It's not always the best players who win the game.  Explore how to turn your talent into the unexpected champions of your field
  • Leverage the value of relationships


Join Carol Barkes and Sheldon Forehand in a lively discussion about creating peak performing teams.  Through the lens of football, Carol and Sheldon will guide you through the winning components of effective teams and how to implement them into your organization.

Walk Away With

  • The tools to achieve more with less
  • The ability to identify where your team problems lie and understand how to minimize them
  • The understanding of how to maximize values and vision to create a more engaged and committed team and more

Instructor Bio

Carol Barkes

Fox TV has called Carol Barkes “one of the TOP Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution experts in the country.” and she has also been TWICE honored as Idaho Woman of the Year. She is a neuroscience-based conflict and communication specialist, best-selling author, mediator, and consultant with a wide variety of experience including speaking at the United Nations.  Carol is an ADR Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA.  She is also an Adjunct Professor for UofI and BSU and is a sought-after keynote speaker with a thriving private practice through which she provides training, consultation, facilitation, coaching, and mediation for some of the world’s most notable organizations including Amazon, Idaho Power, Bridon USA, Rite Stuff Foods and Kount. In careers gone by, she was also a professional firefighter in the San Francisco Bay Area.