What Will I Learn?

  • Deep dive into confined space regulations for construction and general industry.
  • Requirements of confined spaces.
  • Definitions of confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces.
  • Classification and reclassification.
  • Confined space hazard assessments.
  • Rescue considerations.
  • Equipment selection and much more…


A competent person is a necessity on every job site and is someone who has sufficient experience and knowledge to recognize confined space hazards, correct unsafe work conditions, and who has the ability to shut down the worksite until any hazards are corrected. The competent person should be the most knowledgeable person, in this case about confined space safety on site.

Confined spaces incidents are not the most common, but they can be the most deadly. Many times this is due to the hazards being misunderstood or underestimated. This course is designed to train students in the best practices and methods of identifying and eliminating both existing and predictable confined space hazards.

Walk Away With:

  • Training that will include a hands-on demonstration.
  • Training workbook, with extensive notes, to use during the course and on the job site.
  • Certification of Completion provided by the College of Southern Idaho.
  • Confined Space Competent Person Wallet card.

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anyone that must deal with confined spaces that desire to become a competent-person, regardless of industry. For leads, supervisors, managers, safety and health managers, business owners, etc.

Instructor Bio

Davy Gadd
Davy Gadd brings a unique skill set to the Workforce Development and Training team at the College of Southern Idaho. Through combining his experiences as a teacher and over 15 years in commercial/residential construction, he has become an effective safety instructor. The past six years he was the senior safety consultant for Northern California’s leading OSHA safety training center and Turner safety.