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Plumbing Apprenticeship

HVAC Apprenticeship

Length of Program

Eight (72 hour) semesters of related training, plus 8,000 hours of documented work experience.

Location of Program

Classes are held on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho (Twin Falls, Idaho), and CSI campus. The work experiences are at various job sites for the practical portion of the training.

Entrance Requirements

To have the classes count toward the State of Idaho's Requirements for Apprenticeship training, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be registered with the State of Idaho, Divsion of Building Safety
  • Be working in the trade under the constant on-the-job supervision of a journeyman
  • Take the CSI placement test and complete CSI application
  • Contact Brandi Turnipseed at ext. 6310 for registration
  • Renew registration each semester
  • A valid First Aid/CPR card is required throughout the course of the 4-year program. A photocopy of the First Aid/CPR cards need to be turned into Brandi Turnipseed at the College of Southern Idaho. If this requirement in not met, students will not receive their Letter of Completion at the end of each school year until it is received.

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Class Time

Classes are three(3) hours per evening, two(2) nights per week, for a minimum period of twelve(12) weeks each semester. Classes will vary as to which evenings they are held depending on the location and the year level of apprentice.

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Starting Time

Fall Semester

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Approximate Cost of Program (2013-2014 School Yr)

Registration: $275.00 each semester (Fall and Spring)
Books: Books can be purchased through the CSI Bookstores--see the below book list

Plumbing Year 1:
Worksheet Packet
Illustrated UPC 2009 Code Book - ISBN 1081-3802
Residential Construction Academy Plumbing Book
Current Copy of Idaho Code & Administrative Rules Pamphlet (students must go online and copy themselves at
Mathmatics for Plumbing & Pipe Filters, 6th edition
30/60/90 degree angle
               Calculator (Home Project Calc or one that will add feet & inches)
               Architect Ruler
               Metal Tape Measurer -any size
Optional:  T – Square

Plumbing Year 2:
Worksheet Packet (Twin Falls or Hailey class specific)
**Illustrated UPC 2009 Code Book - ISBN 1081-3802
Blueprint Reading for Plumbers, Residential & Commercial

Mathmatics for Plumbing & Pipe Filters, 6th edition

Plumbing Year 3:
Worksheet Packet (Twin Falls or Hailey class specific)
**Illustrated UPC 2009 Code Book - ISBN 1081-3802
UPC 2003 Study Guide

Mathmatics for Plumbing & Pipe Filters, 6th edition

Plumbing Year 4:
Worksheet Packet (Twin Falls or Hailey class specific)
**Illustrated UPC 2009 Code Book - ISBN 1081-3802

Mathmatics for Plumbing & Pipe Filters, 6th edition

**Will have books from previous years.

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Course Description

The apprenticeship course is designed to provide related training in the plumbing trade that will give students the proper course work in safety, Uniform Plumbing Code and a knowledge of the trade. The plumbing apprentice years 1 and 2 cover basic plumbing math, blueprint reading, tools, and basic plumbing skills. years 3 and 4 cover sizing vents, storm drain size, sizing water and sewer drains, servicing plumbing fixtures, traps, combination waste and vent systems as well as the Uniform Plumbing Code and Idaho State Law. This is a required program for anyone working toward a plumbing journeyman license. Completion must be documented each year with the State of Idaho Plumbing Bureau (800) 955-3044 before the journeyman exam can be taken.

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Correspondence Courses in Electrical and Plumbing Apprenticeship

The State of Idaho offers correspondence training in Electrical and Plumbing Apprenticeship through College of Western Idaho. Certain qualifications must be met for a person to take correspondence as opposed to the regular training. The main criteria needing to be met is the student must live at least 50 miles from the CSI Twin Falls, Burley, and Hailey classes. Other special circumstances may also be considered.

To apply for correspondence students should contact Niki Roth, at (208) 562-2072 for more information.


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