• Developed to meet employer and employee needs.
  • Health care continues to have an extreme need for qualified employees.
  • Much job flexibility with positions in the health care workforce programs.
  • Salary increases available with many of the programs.
  • Low-cost programs for high return in knowledge and hire ability and advancement.
  • National certification testing available upon completion of many of the programs.
  • Employers like and look for CSI program graduates.
  • Perfect start place for the returning student.
  • A requirement of liking to work with people is needed.

Contact Information and Location

Rene Rambur
Health Science and Human Services, Rm. 128
315 Falls Avenue PO Box 1238
Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238
(208) 732-6742

208-736-4743 (This is a shared fax, please use a cover sheet.)

The rest of the Workforce Training staff.