What Will I Learn?

  • How to recognize your unique talents
  • Developing your talents into strengths
  • How to apply strengths to achieve personal and work objectives
  • Affirming and celebrating talents


What would happen if we thought about what was right with people rather than focusing on what was wrong with them? StrengthsQuest helps individuals grow and develop by focusing on their talents and strengths. The StrengthsQuest approach helps people examine their individual, “natural” talents, and with additional training and understanding, transforms them into strengths. When we focus on our strengths, we improve our performance, productivity and profitability.

Prior to the course, participants will be provided with a StrengthsQuest code to complete their own personalized assessment. The goal of this course is to assist participants by developing themselves and their teams through the maximization of talents and strengths. Certificate of completion provided.

Walk Away With:

  • Personalized assessment which includes descriptions of how your top 5 strengths operate in our life.
  • Action guide of 10 ideas for your top 5 strengths
  • Guide to help you build a strength-based development
  • Insight about your strengths and the strengths of others

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anyone that is looking to turn their natural talents into strengths and how they can use this to advance their own development and growth by thinking, reflecting on, and applying their talents and strengths at work and home.

Instructor Bio

Michelle Schutt
Dr. Michelle Schutt holds a certificate in Strengths Based Education from Gallup. She has been training students, college employees and community members on the benefits of living their strengths for over 10 years.