What Will I Learn?

  • Bending, cutting, shearing, and welding
  • Electronics technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Much more


Experience modern manufacturing by creating and building products to take and use at home. At camp, you will virtually tour manufacturing facilities, learn about entrepreneurship and meet top industry experts. Campers will experience a safe, hands-on learning environment creating products with Computer-Aided Design (CAD), operating machinery under close supervision, and discover their future career in manufacturing.

Walk Away With:

  • Summer camp that will include a hands-on demonstration for each topic.
  • Completed projects to take and utilize at home.
  • Certification of completion provided by CSI Workforce Development & Training.

Who Should Attend?

This summer camp is designed for students, 12-17 years old, to support individuals in discovering their interest in manufacturing and to encourage the pursuit of a manufacturing career and build the foundational training necessary to excel.