The Leaders Lunch and Learn Series provides leaders, supervisors, and mid-level managers short, fundamental sessions to keep their skills sharp with minimal disruption during their workday. The sessions will be presented in a synchronous live online environment using a Zoom format. Each topic includes 2-3 sessions. Register for one or several at checkout.  

Interested in offering these sessions to your entire organization? Please reach out to Nicole Kinslow at (208) 732-6310 for the company-wide rate of $180 per session for 10+ employees. 

Topic: Operations Improvement for Leaders (3 sessions)

Session 1: Lean Basics- November 13th, 2020

Lean is a continuous improvement journey that involves everyone in the organization and a culture change towards building a learning organization. The goal is to develop a customer-focused learning organization, not simple application of tools. Keys to lean implementation will be discussed and include:

  1. A focus on lean principles and developing consistent lean thinking
  2. A common understanding of the “why” must be in place before starting the “how”. Common beliefs are important.
  3. All changes, tools, and procedures used must be based on solid lean thinking.
  4. Decisions should be business case & lean principle-based, not tool-based.

Session 2: Constraint Management Basics- November 20th, 2020

Every process has a constraint (or bottleneck) and focusing improvement efforts on that constraint is the fastest and most effective path to improved profitability. We will be discussing (3) tools for using constraint management to achieve improvement:

  1. The Five Focusing Steps: A method for identifying & eliminating constraints
  2. The Thinking Processes: Tools for analyzing & resolving problems
  3. Throughput Accounting: A method for measuring performance & guiding management decisions

Session 3: Employee Engagement for Improvement- December 4, 2020

Team engagement supports improved team results, but many companies experience ineffective teams due to low team engagement. Team leaders focus on engagement but struggle to achieve effectiveness when individual employee job dissatisfaction exists. Participants will learn why teammates disengage and what disengagement costs the company. Three components of “job misery” are discussed which includes Anonymity, Irrelevance and “Immeasurement”. Strategies for leaders and teammates are provided to facilitate improved individual job satisfaction and an increased chance for effective improvement programs in the workplace.

Topic: Self-Care Techniques for Leaders (3 Sessions)

Session 4: Leading Under Stress- December 11th, 2020

You achieve respect of the team and you feel that you have added value to the organization. But, more often, in busy companies, many of us feel that we have too much to do, face obstacles to progress and deal with stressed out people. You feel out of control. You have more control than you think. This course

provides participants with the tools needed to quit “surviving under stress to succeeding under stress”. In addition, we focus on changing obstacles to opportunities, remaining calm when busy, reducing overload when everything is a priority and building confidence. This class addresses how you can eliminate anxiety by turning self-criticism into self-confidence. Finally, we make recommendations on how to stay rational in difficult relationships, shift immediately from anger to a relaxed state, get people to stop stressing you out and gain new perspectives in work/life balance.

Session 5: Managing Up- December 18th, 2020

Many Front-Line Leaders and Mid-Level Managers report stress and frustration due to painful conversations with their managers. Effective communication with executive leadership is critical to organizational success. In fact, 68% of organizations recognize communication with executives as a key success factor in talent development for those leaders. This course will provide you with the tools needed to communicate effectively. Learning concepts include understanding your manager’s communication requirements and methods, understanding data variances and decision-tree strategies, practical speaking skills and presentation methods, methods for handling tough conversations, and business terminology 101. This course is recommending for all employees who want to improve their communication skills and learn more about how to “manage up”.


Interested in offering these sessions to your entire organization? Please reach out to Nicole Kinslow at (208) 732-6310 for the company-wide rate of $180 per session for 10+ employees. 

Instructor Bio

Michelle Shinn is a skilled and seasoned leader who has successfully navigated complex work environments in high-pressure manufacturing organizations.  Michelle is focused on providing clarity to business leaders as they make critical decisions for their companies and their individual careers.

With 16 years as a high-level executive and 30 years in manufacturing, she brings real-world knowledge and expert advice to her clients.

Michelle brings a vast array of experience when partnering with her clients.  She teaches others not only technical skills but foundational concepts that are proven to really work in any organization. Michelle has executed successful projects in many different industries including aerospace, automotive, and heavy industrial groups.  She did this while leading operations, quality, and continuous improvement teams.


  • 30-year proven manufacturing operations track record in multiple industries.
  • 16-year progressive responsibility in Operations Management roles.
  • Led numerous Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma projects resulting in significant cost reductions.
  • Responsible Executive for training, coaching, and mentoring of CI and Quality System Programs.
  • S. in Organizational Management and Masters in Business Administration.
  • Completed Executive Leadership Development Program at the University of Michigan.
  • 2nd Year Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration (DBA) - University of Phoenix.
  • Well-versed in manufacturing technology and innovation with project experience.
  • Trusted coach, mentor, and trainer for leaders at any level in any organization.