What Will I Learn?

  • Utilize cognitive crafting to change your mind set about the tasks you perform
  • Change up work relationships by reshaping the type and nature of your interactions with others
  • Examine task crafting strategies which may enable you to change or reshape responsibilities
  • Create more meaning in your own work by critically examining what needs you feel are unfulfilled and what actions are needed to put them in focus


Are you concerned about losing quality people in your organization? Job Crafting™ is a popular tool designed by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. This four hour course will engage and encourage your employees to take proactive steps and actions to redesign what they do at work, changing the way they view tasks, relationships and perceptions of their role. The main take away is that employees can stay in the same jobs but get more meaning from their work by simply changing the way they view their jobs. Why not let your employees craft the jobs they've always wanted? Previously this trademarked tool has been available only to Fortune 500 companies like Google and Microsoft. Now you can leverage what these large corporations know about the psychology of retaining key employees.

Walk Away With

  • Training with a hands-on approach Tools to develop greater resilience
  • Job Crafting Exercise Book to support in redesigning the way you look at your job
  • The ability to be more engaged, unlock insights, and view your job in a new way
  • A Certification of Completion from the College of Southern Idaho

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in developing a plan to further build your job so that is tailored to your values, your strengths, your motives, and your passions.

Instructor Bio

Cortney Campbell
Cortney Campbell is a local serial entrepreneur with a love for business, organizational psychology, and marketing! Currently a Doctoral Student at Idaho State University studying Leadership and Administration, she teaches and consults in her free time. Considered an expert in Specialty Retail and brand promotion, she's created many successful products and been featured in industry publications with accolades. She thrives when sharing experiences and knowledge to help Southern Idaho businesses and their employees increase performance.