What Will I Learn?

  • Recognize different styles of communication and how to improve understanding and build rapport with others
  • Reflect on different methods of communications and decide when each is most suitable
  • Appreciate the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication
  • Communicate your message in an effective and engaging way for the recipient


Communication in the workplace is one of the most essential tools in any business. Good communication is the foundation of positive and cooperative working relationships, effective teamwork, team accountability, consistency, and access to information employees need to do their jobs well.

This course is designed to unite employees within a company to address mutual goals, and shared values focusing on effective communication exercises. You will learn to leverage individual strengths into a collective power, by using the ropes course to unite teams for a common purpose. We aid in the learning processing through seeing, thinking, communicating, and experiencing so that trust can be built among the team and taken back to the workplace.

The intent of this training is to allow companies and individuals in our community the opportunity to come up with creative solutions to similar problems, create a dialog for a mutual exchange of information, networking, diversified backgrounds leading to common cores, and much more. To maximize these outcomes we recommend sending 2 participants from each company with a maximum allowance of 5 per company. Limiting our number of employees to 5 per company will help us to collaborate with those around us and address multiple industries and their needs. For groups larger than 5, we offer a customized training that includes a free consultation on understanding your specific needs and areas of needed focus which the training is then built around.

Walk Away With:

  • Training that includes a hands on approach on the CSI Challenge/Ropes course
  • Certification of Completion provide by CSI Workforce Development and Training

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anyone who is wanting to learn how to leverage effective communication to build a successful organization with higher levels of collaboration, increased accountability and consistency, and increased commitment and loyalty to their company.

Instructor Bio

Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers is a current faculty member at the College of Southern Idaho, Former Director of Recreation at CSI, Lead Coordinator for the CSI Challenge Course since 2012, Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, Masters of Education Sports Management, and Doctoral Degree in Higher Education Administration completing my dissertation on Leadership Development this fall. Collegiate Athlete, 2 year NCAA Volleyball Coach, 8 year NJCAA Volleyball Coach, Project Adventure Certified Facilitator. He is an avid lover of the outdoors and spends most of his extra time chasing his kids around!