What Will I Learn

  • Welcoming the customer to their business
  • Helping customer to understand the options that are available to them
  • Presenting the benefits of your product and services, not the features
  • Listen first respond second
  • Listening to the customer’s real concern
  • The Power of Assuming
  • Working with challenging customers
  • Determining solutions and alternative solutions
  • Working with difficult co-workers and supervisors


Ask any manager about what they are looking for in new employees and one of the first things they will say is soft skills. In an evolving workforce someone who can communicate, adapt, and problem solve at a moment’s notice becomes invaluable. Join us as for 8 hours of interactive training that will sharpen these skills through:

  • Communication skills with your peers, your customers, and your managers
  • Problem Solving – Companies rely more and more on people who can handle escalated situations
  • Effective strategies for transition and change
  • Leadership skills

The purpose of this training is to prepare you, with the skills you need to advance in the changing environment of Customer Service, Hospitality, and Soft Skills. This will be done by presenting the materials in a Customer First approach to ensure true customer-centered soft skills.

8 hour interactive session

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to learn the tools and techniques of effective communication and wants to boost self-confidence in the workplace.