What Will I Learn?

  • Assessing your current lifestyle and discover where immediate transformation is needed
  • Designing your own life to truly 'have it all' without losing it all
  • Reclaiming your power to create a healthy and holistic lifestyle


More than 2 million women left the labor force in 2020, bringing it to the lowest workforce participation by women since 1988!  After suffering her own breaking point, Colleen Hauk transformed her circumstances and developed successful methods for living an exceptionally holistic life.  She uses her experience, research, and proven strategies to reduce the attrition of women in the workforce by creating engaged, top-tier female executives and leaders.

Walk Away With

  • The expertise, tools, and confidence needed to become a more impactful leader in your organization
  • A Certificate of completion from the College of Southern Idaho

Who Should Attend?

Women currently in a management role or pursuing an executive path that are interested in elevating their leadership abilities, advancing in their organization, and creating the career they want.

Instructor Bio

Colleen Hauk spent 15 years in the corporate world specializing in training and leading sales teams.  She excelled at aligning business challenges with smart solutions and inspiring others across the organization to impact cultural change.

Colleen's leadership and personal development skills were honed when she experienced first-hand the negative effects of poor leadership and lack of self-care. She transformed the workplace culture from toxic to thriving and, after suffering her own breaking point, she altered her circumstances and developed successful methods to become a sustained, elite leader.

Colleen is now a speaker, trainer, and co-author of two books, including the bestseller, Women Who Ignite.  She shows organizations and leaders how to retain top talent and deliver results by training them on how to lead and live for the 'and'.  Colleen has appeared in Forbes and Best Self and delivered her keynotes and trainings to organizations such as Dell, Panasonic, Merck, IPSEN, and US Foods.