I can’t pay for the full cost of the training, what are my options?

During your scheduled consultation with Top Gun Truck Driving Academy, we will search various financial sources to help you get the CDL License A training you need.

*Note: The average monthly pay for Idaho CDL drivers is $4,203 and after the cost of living, you could have this paid within 3 months.


Is there a payment plan?

This course is run and paid through Top Gun Truck Driving Academy.  A payment plan option is determined on a case-by-case basis and can be discussed in your consultation with Top Gun Truck Driving Academy.


Can I apply my CSI Scholarships or Financial Aid to help pay for this course?

Financial Aid and traditional CSI scholarships do not pay for CDL License A course offerings.


Will I be committed to coming up with the tuition money if I register for the course while I am waiting to hear back about other forms of financial assistance?

We do not expect you to pay for the course until you have completed the initial consultation with Top Gun Truck Driving Academy.


What if I have a felony?

You will still qualify to take the program. Top Gun Truck Driving Academy will discuss this during the initial consultation and complete a background check on you. The main requirement is to be honest and upfront about your records so they can help find suitable employment.


Do I have to have a high school diploma or GED to qualify for this program?

No, but if you are interested in receiving your GED please visit us here.


How do I schedule a consultation with Top Gun Truck Driving Academy?

You can schedule a consultation with Top Gun Truck Driving Academy here.

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